§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ works in SOUND///


First track (solo) of Shazzula. "Invocation of my Possessed Sister"-june 2010
Thanks to the help of  Bob Hedger-Jahbuddha (Space Music Collective) for the realisation of this.
The track as been compiled on the TAROT-Visions of the Witch House (CDX) COMPILATION OF UNRELEASED WITCH HOUSE / DRAG / OKKVLT TRAX -(Out nov 2010) of Cosmotropia De Xam.
Video: Mater Suspiria Vision/Cosmotropia de Xam.


§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ w/ White Hills:

White Hills,Amazing Band from New York !
W.H. asked S. to join them and it is a pure experience each time!
They also have recorded together in Nyc in september 010.

Here a video of the first time S. joined White Hills (In Paris,La Maroquinerie)

ATP-5th sept 010-Ny

Bowery Ballroom 010 (Mudhoney,Pissed Jeans)

\\\Gigs w/ WH///

§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ w/ Mater Suspiria Vision (2010):

Mater Suspiria Vision and S. works collaborations.
Music & Video by Mater Suspiria,Shazzula on vocals.

They did together three tracks collaborations:
-MSV feat. Shazzula "Reincarnation of Baba Yaga" (2010)
-MSV feat. Shazzula "House of the Exorcism" (2010-Banned video on Youtube!)
-MSV feat. Shazzula "WTXCHS" (a suite of Deacay-2010-Banned video on Youtube!)
           /Beko Box 2 (listen here:
           http://www.lastfm.fr/music/Mater+Suspiria+Vision/+charts?  rangetype=6month&subtype=tracks

MSV feat. Shazzula "Reincarnation of Baba Yaga" (2010)


§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ w/ Over gain Optimal Death (Ogod):

§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ w/ Farflung: 

§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ w/ Aqua Nebula Oscillator (2006-2010):

Aqua Nebula oscillator,a french Psychedelic band born in 1999.
Shazzula joined the band late 2006 on Synth,effects and vocals.
She quit the band late 2010.
Her friend Marco Laguna (La Muerte-Mark K.R. Lagoon) did few films for the band.
(www.marcolaguna.be  + Pan European Recording-France)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator-"Incantation" (Under the Moon of/Pan European Recording-2008)

Aqua Nebula oscillator:"Flying Mountain"(Under The moon Of/Pan European Recording-2008)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator: "Lost In Space" (Under The Moon Of/Pan european Recording-2008)

Aqua Nebula Oscillator: "Flying Mountain"(Live) (Under The Moon Of/Pan European recording-2008)
Live images @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire,Paris.


Big Snuff Session (feat: Shazzula, Wolf, Tung Lashor, Scorpion) by Big Snuff Studio