§ђ∆ZzV⇂∆ BIO



Born in Brussels in 1977.

Diplomed of La Cambre,drawing section (1996-2001)

Working for Il Giaguaro/Black cat Records, Rome (2001-2004) 

Dancer for The Vice Barons/MG & 60s Events (1999-2007)

Creation of Suicide Twist events (2004-2007)

Dj since 1998.(And proud to be part of Finders Keepers friends family together w/ Andy Votel and Mahssa)

Creation w/ help of Leep Records(C.Johnco) The BLACK MASS RISING events & fest,Paris.(2010)

-Vocals+ Analogic Synth,theremin & effects (Paris/2006-2010)

Working w/ bands as:

-WHITE HILLS (Usa),Joined WH on few european & american dates +   
 Joined Recordings (Winter 2010 NYC)for The H-P1 album.

 Joined the band for few lives in europe + Recordings.

-OGOD (OverGain Optimal Death/usa)
 joined the band for few lives in europe & Usa+ recordings.

-FARFLUNG (Usa)joined the band for few lives in europe & Usa.

-SAYONA (Be) A New duo w/ El Negro (Sylvester Anfang II)
-S†U   (Be/Fr)  A duo w/ USPUDO.

Creating SWAMP (PROMO)to help bands spreading their sounds online.

Since 2011, Working on BOOKING(SWAMP BOOKING) together w/ MINIK BOOKING for only very few bands: THE ENTRANCE BAND(Usa), LA OTRACINA (Holy Mountain / Usa), IN ZAIRE (It) etc 

Assistant in Drawing Section, Master of Art university (La Cambre)in Brussels. (2011-2012)

Realisation & Direction of THE BLACK MASS RISING (movie) out End Of 2011. A 120 minutes movie involving 22 bands and having an Exclusive soundtrack.
Limited 666 numbered black vinyl boxes including 3 Lps.

Creation of the BLACK MASS RISING LABEL with Philippe Marie (2011)